If you wish to apply for an internship in our laboratory

Make sure you have read this page first, so you have a better overview of the projects you might be working on, and what requirements they might have.
If you believe you would like to work with us, use the button below to fill in a preliminary request form and then send an email to Prof. Lescai to discuss your application:


Bachelor Internship
(B.Sc. thesis)

Focused on one method or one tool
Richer in coding

– Development of a package or a tool, like a small software to be tested, a repository of scripts, a conda recipe, an R package.
– Development of a workflow for a pipeline to be released in Nextflow

Master Internship
(M.Sc. thesis)

Focused on one scientific question
Less centred on coding (i.e. not the goal of the project), but some statistics required

Master projects will be more tightly related to our research activities. As such, topics will vary depending on the stage of development of the projects we are working on. Please look at our research interests and ongoing work.


A minimal amount of bioinformatics knowledge should be acquired before any intern can begin her/his internship project.

An on-boarding study plan has been prepared: this will serve to identify any knowledge gaps, and suggest a study plan to be followed before commencing the internship activity.

The knowledge required varies depending on the project, and it might include:
– Bash
– Python
– R
– Nextflow
The intern will then learn, under supervision, to work in either HPC or Cloud environments.